Admission Policy


Admission for LKG starts on 16th of October 2019. The admission to the school right from LKG is decided on the basis of tests and interviews on notified days. For LKG admission, age will be as per CBSE rules. For class I, a child must have completed 5 years. After U.K.G.the Re-registration of the child to class one is a must before 30′ March without which continuity cannot be guaranteed. All those who do KG course in this school need not be admitted to class I here. Those seeking admission for the first time must produce birth certificate, transfer certificate and conduct certificate from the school last attended for admission to classes II and above. Application and prospectus are available from the school office. Pupils seeking admission are advised to bring their progress cards from the institution where they studied last for a tentative assessment of their achievement. Class 2 and above is admitted after entrance test.

Generally the withdrawal of the wards is possible at the end of the academic year and for this, application for transfer certificate must reach the office at least a week in advance. In case of withdrawal, in the middle of the year, without three months notice, all the dues for the notice period of three months will have to be paid.

The Principal may require the parents to withdraw their children, in the unlikely event, if they do not fit in with regulations of the school or are incapable of improvement. In such cases, only fees up to the month of withdrawal will be charged.