Christava Mahilalayam Public School has a perfect blend of young and experienced faculty to motivate and facilitate the learning process of young minds to higher levels of academic excellence. How can I do my essay for me very fast? – The school also has an extension team of committed instructors to enhance the aesthetic and athletic skills of the learner.

Staff List (2016 -2017) Teaching Staff
1. Ms. Elizabeth Mani M.A, B.Ed, SET
2. Ms. Judy Geraldine Leslie M.A, B.Ed
3. Ms. Hemalatha J M.A, B.Ed
4. Ms. Nita Subramanian M.A, B.Ed
5. Ms. Mini Joshy M.A,B.Ed
6. Ms. Shruthi A.V B.A, B.Ed
7. Ms. Anitha M M.A,B.Ed
8. Ms. Greeshma James B.A, B.Ed
1. Ms. Bindu S Nair M.A, B.Ed SET
2. Ms. Aswathy B B.Com,RBV, RBP, CTET
3. Ms. Asha Gibi RBV, RBP, B.Ed
4. Ms. Vineetha M.K M.A. B.Ed
5. Mr. Akhil Unnikrishnan M.A. B.Ed
1. Ms. Buju Anil Kumar B.A, B.Ed
2. Ms. Surya Sudhan M.A, B.Ed
3. Ms. Bindu Joseph M.A, B.Ed
4. Ms. Dhanya B Nair M.A, B.Ed
1. Ms. Bimol K Babu B.Sc, B.Ed
2. Ms. Remya P Anirudhan M.Sc, B.Ed
3. Ms. Reby K.B M.Sc, B.Ed, SET, CTET
4. Ms. Karthika B M.Sc, B.Ed
5. Ms. Sheeja Joseph M.Sc, B.Ed
6. Ms. Bijumol John M.Sc, B.Ed
7. Ms. Misha R M.Sc, B.Ed
8. Ms. Anju T A B.Sc, B.Ed
9. Ms. Manju Mathews M.Sc, B.Ed
1. Ms. Suma J M.Sc, B.Ed
2. Ms. Alice Joseph B.Sc, N.P.T.T.C
3. Ms. Rekha Mathew B.Sc, B.Ed, N.T.T.C
4. Ms. Linu Joseph B.Sc, B.Ed
5. Ms. Gayathri Harikumar M.Sc, B.Ed
6. Ms. Valsa Antony B.Sc, B.Ed
7. Ms. Vineetha Krishnan M.Sc,B.Ed
8. Ms. Reshma K. M.Sc B.Ed
Social Science
1. Ms. Manju P.V M.A, B.Ed
2. Ms. Umadevi Parameswaran M.A, B.Ed
3. Ms. Praseeda Arun B.A, B.Ed, CTET
4. Ms. Linta George B.A, B.Ed
5. Ms. Leffy Rose Carmel M.A. B.Ed
1. Ms. Selma Fernandez M.Com, B.Ed
2. Ms.Simi Susan Varghese M.Com, B.Ed
Computer Science
1. Ms. Sreena Rao MCA
3. Ms. Femi Thomas MCA

1. Ms. Thaliath Jitha Mary B.Sc., B. Li.Sc. – Librarian
2. Ms. Geetha Sunil Yoga
3. Ms. Bindu Reji Art and Craft
4. Ms. Lakshmi K MPA Vocal
5. Ms. Bindya V M.A, B.Ed – Student Counsellor

Kindergarten Section
1. Ms. Shahana Raja B.A, Diploma in Montessori
2. Ms. Silia C Charles B.A, N.T.T.C
3. Ms. Vijayasree C.S M.Com, P.P.T.T.C
4. Ms. Preethy Bose B.A, P.P.T.T.C
5. Ms. Renu A Menon B.A, N.T.T.C
6. Ms. Sheeba Sajeevan B.Com, NTTC
7. Ms. Faiza Anwar B.Com

Office Staff
1. Ms. Beena C.S (Administrative Assistant) B.Com, PGDCA
2. Ms. Josephiena Sheena (Office Assistant) B.Com, PGDCA

Non Teaching Staff
1. Mr. Thomas C.D Driver
2. Mr. Hamsa M.H Driver
3. Mr. V.O Joy Driver
4. Mr. Gopi Driver
5. Mr. Pareed V.A Driver
6. Mr. Poulose Driver
7. Mr. Muhammed Driver
8. Mr. Balan Driver
9. Ms. Vanaja A.A Peon
10. Ms. Suma Surendran Ayah
11. Ms. Hajara Siddique Ayah
12. Ms. Radha Krishnan Ayah
13. Ms. Kumari H.K Ayah
14. Ms. Kavitha Ayah
15. Ms. Sheela M T Ayah
16. Ms.Haseena Shoukath -Lab Assistant
17. Mr. Jose C D Security
18. Mr. Benting Rongpi Security
Faculty is paid according to their designation (PGT-20,000/ TGT-15,000 /PRT-10,000) through the Federal Bank RSS branch Aluva as single check transfer advise.