Vision & Mission

While abiding by the vision and ideals of the founders of Christava Mahilalayam,the school seeks to create a rich learning environment in which teachers and pupils interact closely and quest for knowledge becomes a joyous experience.Our motto is to provide value based quality education at an affordable cost.Curricular and co-curricular activities are designed to ensure the harmonious development of each child’s personality and to tap its full potential.


  • To develop moral character and personal discipline.
  • To strengthen ethical and spiritual values.
  • To encourage critical and creative thinking.
  • To produce well balanced uncorrupt citizens of tomorrow and to send out of the school’s portals caring,confident youngsters who,while rooted in our cultural and spiritualvalues,will be at home in the technological and social milieu that awaits them.


To be a Torch Bearer by 2020 towards Excellent Quality Education at an affordable cost in a rural community there by moulding a new generation with moral and ethical values and help them to be upright citizens.